May 3, 2019

Fostering Brand Credibility: The Key to Winning Trust and Driving Action

The Key to Winning Trust and Driving Action

In the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising, the significance of brand credibility cannot be overstated. Often, fast-growing companies concentrate primarily on their products and technologies, sidelining the vital aspect of establishing brand credibility. However, regardless of your product’s merits, lacking credibility can be detrimental. Forward-thinking businesses are investing wisely in safeguarding their brand’s credibility, recognizing the high stakes involved. Research reveals that website visitors make snap judgments within an astonishingly brief 50 milliseconds, underscoring the importance of a credible first impression.

This lightning-fast decision-making process is significantly influenced by the perceived credibility of the site. Notably, purchase decisions are also intricately tied to credibility. Consumer research has unveiled that heightened confidence is linked to a remarkable 50% surge in purchasing behavior, an effect witnessed across various industries, whether it’s fashion or multimillion-dollar tech infrastructure.

In essence, credibility isn’t just a badge of trust; it wields the power to shape perception and drive revenue.

However, many tech companies face challenges in bolstering their brand’s credibility. This “Credibility Gap” emerges from the inherent difficulty in faking authenticity. Credibility goes beyond mere trustworthiness; it extends to portraying stability, reliability, and predictability—a sense of being a safe and dependable choice.

A credible brand resonates with customers because it not only understands their pain points but also provides effective solutions. This is especially crucial for startups and emerging tech enterprises aiming to secure enterprise clients. As the tech landscape is marked by a staggering 90% failure rate, a solid brand reputation becomes essential. For instance, if you’re seeking a Fortune-500 client to commit to a three-year contract, they need assurance about your longevity and consistency.

Understanding Digital Credibility: A Framework

Each facet plays a distinct role in the buyer’s journey, influencing the strategies and channels that contribute to credibility.

Strategic Trust-Building Through Your Website

Common challenges plague almost every company’s website. However, these issues are not isolated incidents but rather symptoms of a larger problem: the absence of a strategic approach that integrates credibility in website design and development.

At eight25, our approach is rooted in strategy. Our playbook revolves around assessing, understanding, and integrating brand credibility throughout the entire process, from storytelling to design to technology.